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Trust International Insurance and Reinsurance Company B.S.C. (c) 'Trust Re' is a closed joint stock company registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with authorised capital of US$ 500 million, and issued and paid-up capital of US$ 250 million. It is regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, as a locally incorporated reinsurance firm with License Number LII/023 and Commercial Registration Number 11503/July 1981.

All activities are managed in Bahrain Office. The Company also has a Liaison Office in India. Our geographical scope includes the Middle East, Africa, Asia, CEE, SEE, Russia and CIS countries. Trust Re provides reinsurance protection to many leading direct insurance companies in its geographical areas of operation, in the form of annual Treaties on proportional and non-proportional bases with a sizable underwriting capacity. We offer Facultative reinsurance in the following classes: Oil & Energy (offshore and onshore), Alternative Energy, Property, Energy & Power Construction, PV and Affinity. Our service offering also includes Life and Health reinsurance.
Publications created by Trust Re about the global insurance and reinsurance market.
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Trust Re to centralise its operations in Head Office
Trust Re announces its strategic plans to centralise all its activities in its Head Office in Bahrain. The Company now looks to implement its restructured operational model which focuses on profitability, cost management and maximising ...
24th June 2020, Bahrain
Trust Re continues regional digitisation drive
Trust Re, the regional reinsurance company headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1989, announced the recent success of its webinar E-Accounting/Claims: The Basics, held in partnership with Ruschlikon/ACORD. Since 2014, Trust Re has been ...
29th April 2020, Manama
Trust Re to cease underwriting in Cyprus Branch and transfer the portfolio to its Head Office
Subsequent to the appointment of the new management, Trust Re has embarked on a drive to upgrade its business and operational model, which includes improving the deployment of resources. As part of this endeavor, from ...
18th March 2020,
Bahrain FinTech Bay and Trust Re Announce International Partnership
Trust International Insurance and Reinsurance Company B.S.C. (Trust Re), the largest reinsurer in the Middle East has become an international partner of Bahrain FinTech Bay, the leading FinTech Hub in the region. The ...
10th February 2020, Manama