My Trust Re Journey

Amin Soofi, Accounting Officer - Branches & Subsidiaries

In May 2010, I stepped forward into the insurance industry and I was selected to be part of Trust Re’s Fast Track Training programme.

Upon completion of the programme and undergoing job rotation in all departments, I was appointed in the Finance department due to my financial background and experience. Acquiring the professional ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification was an essential next step and benefitted both my employer and myself.

Filling in for the accounting manager at one of Trust Re’s subsidiaries was my next challenge. It was a big test for me to depend on myself and prepare the full financial statements, budget, payroll, claims and premium reports on a monthly basis. It was a very rewarding experience handling the whole accounting department of Afro Asian Assistance.

My current role is handling the accountancy work for the company’s foreign subsidiaries and branches. My challenge is to gain new experience in foreign country legislation and keep up with the latest IAS (International Accounting Standards) changes.

Working at Trust Re for the past 8 years has been invaluable to me. I have acquired a very rewarding knowledge in both accounting and insurance fields. Overall, the knowledge and experience gained has had a positive impact on my career development.